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Exclusively for SPPX portal clients, and companies seeking to host their own private placements.

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What we do:
  • Share Owner Data and Account Records

  • Transfers of Ownership

  • Transfers of Shares

  • EDGAR + Blue Sky Filings

  • Tax Reporting
  • Eligibility Enforcement
  • Warrant, Escrow, and Rights Offerings

  • Cap table management

  • Electronic Issuances

  • Share Owner Requests

  • Communications

  • Blockchain DLT

What is a Transfer Agent and why do I need one?

Transfer agents maintain the ownership records for securities. This includes the share owner data as well as an issuing company’s capital table. While cap table management technically happens through a registrar, most transfer agents have this function in-house. Because of these two roles, transfer agents essentially serve as the source of truth about who owns what, and how many shares or units of a company’s securities should/do exist.

As the name implies, they also facilitate transfers. Other common duties/services are listed in the bulleted items above which fall into the general category of Investor Relations.

After a capital raise, companies who’ve sold securities, aka issuers, are required by securities law to track and report according to the rules associated with the exemption they used to raise.

Most US corporations outsource the transfer agent/registrar function. They do this due to the scale of items to manage, continually changing regulations, and the ability to achieve separation from conflicts of interest.

Transfer agents also have a duty to enforce the eligibility requirements. For example, many securities have a ‘hold’ period before they become ‘seasoned’ — just one example of a factor of eligibility.

What’s different about Silicon Prairie’s transfer agent?

Similar to the other layers in the Silicon Prairie business stack, our transfer agent services are optimized for our clients. The result is a seamless path for companies seeking to raise capital once, or as part of a broader capital funding strategy. 


  • Immediate and accurate recording of transfers and account changes — investors and issuing companies have up-to-the-moment position and status information.
  • Ability to enforce company contractual rules such as buy-back clauses — companies can retain control of their cap table as they see fit.
  • Low cost, on-demand tax documents — no need to pay large accounting fees or make investors wait for K1’s and 1099’s.
  • Automated record sharing that begins with onboarding and continues over the lifecycle of our engagement — no repetitive data entry, duplicative forms, or expensive legal and accounting time wasted on keystrokes.
  • Compliance baked into the process, from enforcement of securities eligibility to accurately documented and timestamped transactions — we’ll help you stay on the right track.

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