Our story mirrors the growth of crowdfunding with one key difference:

Instead of just building a portal, we built an IRaaS, (Investor Relations as a Service), stack. Not simply a tech stack, but a business stack. Here’s why:

As we launched our portal in 2016 and put together our own raise, we encountered many of the barriers our clients would face. The world of financial securities and funding is siloed and complex. For our clients to be successful, we became determined to create a clear, frictionless path for our clients. To do this, we formed a group of financial and technology companies that connect our clients with the right mix of services to accomplish their goals.

We call it our business stack — a group of companies fit together to accomplish one mission:

Empower small to medium-sized businesses to raise capital.

Because we’re continually aiming to improve access to funding, our stack will grow and adapt through partnerships, affiliations, and additions as needed.

At our core, we provide transaction compliance by hosting issuer campaigns on our portal. Beyond the core, you’ll find a variety of services and a team of professionals dedicated to your success. Once you get to know us, you’ll appreciate that our ethos is to deliver an outstanding investor-relations-as-a-service experience.

For a more detailed account of our backstory, check out the timeline below.

Company Founded

October 2016

Silicon Prairie Online Goes Live

Offers state-based campaigns via MNVest under rule 147.

Minnesota Portal

December 2016

Key filings

SEC Registration
+ Department of Commerce makes our portal official

Initial Raise

March 2017

$60K in Two weeks

We use our platform
to raise $247,000
with the help of our crowd


June 2017


Intrastate campaign registrations completed allowing issuers to solicit in the Badger state.

Iowa, Michigan

February 2018

LARA - Michigan +

Iowa Insurance Division
recognized SP as registered
portal operator




becomes possible
for our issuers

S.E.C. Transfer Agent


Business stack grows

Eliminates reporting requirements for some issuersand provides separation compliance


2019 - New Exemptions Supported

No Limit

Private Placements and raises up to $50 Million under Reg A+ 
now available to our issuers

First Reg D 506(c)


Rune raises $1,050,000.

Real-estate deal is first
to use Reg D 506 (c) exemption
in their offering to investors

New Data Center

2019 - Upgrade


Colocation moved to Secure Data Center to enhance performance and ensure security and compliance

MN Broker-Dealer


investment banking

Added to business stack
via acquisition under Silicon Prairie Capital Partners, LLC 


February 2021

initial filing

Registration for an S.E.C. Alternative Trading System to create Secondary Market for exempt securities

Planned for 2021

option for liquidity

Issuers and investors would have a way to trade exempt securities in compliance with S.E.C. rules

Planned for 2021

Large scale Promotion

Developing syndication API and negotiating relationships with other Broker Dealers to greatly expanded promotion capability