Get your private placement memorandum
and other issuer documents prepared in less time.


Put the power of software to work to reduce the cost of your raise.

Our Geppetto document automation platform plus our specialized exemption filing templates can transform the time your securities attorney spends doing data entry into a much better use of their billable time — a thoughtful review.

Described as “mail merge on steriods,” Geppetto eliminates the repetitive data entry that is inherent on securities filings. After using this solution, a number of our preferred partner attorneys agreed to discounted rates for issuers choosing to use the platform.

Applications beyond the PPM and raise documents

Built to simplify the process and lower the costs of capital for issuers, Geppetto is being used to support a bevy of services during and after a funding effort.

Ask your account team lead how to get started with Geppetto.
  • Self-service K1’s and other simplified tax form reports

  • Investor notifications

  • Personalized company updates

  • Share status and returns reporting